Bolt pill male natural enhancer

Bolt pill male natural enhancer is made from natural herbs, the product has been qualified, and contai...

Bolt pill male natural enhancer is made from natural herbs, the product has been qualified, and contains no poisonous element and has no side effect; moreover, as being strictly inspected and examined pill by pill through test of medicinal properties, the Bolt pill has been qualified for international certification criteria. specical herbal ingredients restores phusical  vitality through the healting of organ damages or injuries resulted form various causes, effectively reducing unfavourable sensibility which often leads to over-excitement and premature ejaculation, so as to put a strict control on the nerve centre of ejaculation and assist users to curb haste and maintain patience. boosting penis hard and instant erection.

Main ingredients: ginseng, hairy antler, ganoderma lucidum, wolferry fruit, saffron, hsueh-lien-hua, broomrape, actinolite, tortoise plastron, testicle of yak, sea horse, sea dog penis, snow deer penis, tiger penis, snake penis, Tibetan mastiff penis, Tibtan goat penis, Tibetan donkey penis.

Application: males with short penis, impotence, premature ejaculation, softenness erection, short time sexual life, no sexual pleasure, low sexual desire, prostate, and other sexual dysfucntion caused by weak kidney.

Usage and dosage: take orally one pill when you need it. take one pill 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse to test magic effect.


1. can not overtake for quick result;

2. patients with heart disease, high blood pressure can take it, but do not take this product with other medicine;

3. drink cold water if suffer many times erection with no ejaculation after taking Bolt pill;

4. do not repeatedly take it within 24 hours;

5. take it after drinking alcohol do not affet its effect;

6. self-life is 3 years.

Specification: 3800mg * 10pills.

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Bolt pill male natural enhancer

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