France T253 Male Enhancement

Pure Chinese herbal medicine

France T253 male sexual health capsule helps men stimulate sexual desire, and increase more blood flow to penis, make it longer and harder.

France T253

France T253 male enhancement,Pure Chinese herbal medicine.

Main Ingredients of France T253

Tibet the red flower ,winter-worm summmer –herb snow lotus ,snow lotus,snow deer whip ,Tibet cow testicle .sea horse ,etc…

Suitable crowd of France T253

Premature ejaculation ,lose the sperm,weak sperm,sexual function obstacle .the sexual desire dies down.The penis is short and small.Waist kness sour painful ,the arms and legs have no dint,diazzness ear out of hearing body is weak night sweat ,A lot of night urinate,the prostate gland inflammation,etc.Kidney Weak causes Of various symptoms .

Usage and dosage of France T253

Take orally and limit just before sleep one slice ,this article sends with the gentle water (the sexual intercourse takes the first 10-15 minutes a slice therefore strange effect)care usually on thirdEdible a grain.

Caution of France T253

1. Can’t impatient of beg ,the super deal takes.
2. A medicine empress,such as many erection or sexual intercourses long erection not let out ,drink the cool opening water solution it .
3. Can’trepetition in 24 hours usage.

[Specification of France T253]: 2,000mg * 10 tablet/box

[Expiration date of France T253]: three years

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France T253 Male Enhancement

Pure Chinese herbal medicine
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