MMC-Delay Increases Pills

100% Natural And Safe

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MMC-Delay Increases ® pills

100% Natural And Safe

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Main ingredients of MMC-Delay Increases

ginseng,hairly antler,ganoderma lucidum,wolferry-fruit,saffron,hsueh-lien-hua,broomrape,actinolite,tortoise plastron,testicle of yak,sea horse penis,sea dog penis,snow deer penis,snake penis,Tibetan mastiff,Tibetan goat penis,Tibetan donkey penis.

Efficacy of MMC-Delay Increases pills

shortness,thinness,impotence,premature ejaculation,floppiness,lack of endurance,weak ejaculation,vapidity,spermatorrhea,involuntary emission,feeble emission,drooping desire,aching waist and knees,myasthenia of limbs,dizziness,ear ringing,weak health,night sweat,frequent nocturia,prostatitis,and othe symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.

[Specification of MMC-Delay Increases]:3800mg*12 pills

[Usage and dosage of MMC-Delay Increases]:when you need,take 1 pill with warm water.

[Storage]:store in cool and dry place.

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MMC-Delay Increases Pills

100% Natural And Safe
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