Santi bovine

Santi Bovine sex enhancer

Santi Bovine Penis Erecting Capsules. Best Sex you've had in years with one of the Best Selling Products in South Asia. * 100% Natural with no harmful side

Santi bovine


with Penis of Cattle plus Chinese Ginseng

Award Winner SANTI BOVINE Penis Erecting Capsule

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Super-Strong, Lasting Erections in 1 hour

The BEST Sex You've Had in Years!

[Product Introduction of santi scalper]: Santi scalper penis erection capsule NEW GENERATION is an excellent product of new generation of strengthening and invigorating the kidney; it is refined with penis of cattle in Mengcheng (national base of cattle breeding)Anhui Province China mingled with rare Chinese medicine, pilose antler, ginseng based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, applying modern production technology of medical science. This product has already won 2 Winning Awards (see picture of the Award Certificates) "Gold Prize of International Anti-senility Fair" and "Gold Prize of National Famous and Excellent Health products Fair"

[Materials and Ingredients of santi scalper]: Penis of Cattle,Pilose antler,Ginseng,Schisandra Fruit,barrenwort,Collagen,Active peptide,Calcium,Ferrum zinc

What Can You Expect?

Safe and effective, without dangerous side effects

Super-strong, lasting erections in just 1 hour!

Real staying power

Explosively satisfying orgasms

More stamina and energy

Increased sex-drive and libido

Immediate & natural response to sexual arousal

Staying hard for hours-or all night long - even after your first orgasm

The BEST Sex you've had in years!

[Specification of Santi bovine]: Each Bottle contains 0.3g x 9 capsules

[Usage and Dosage of Santi bovine]: Just take 1-2 capsule orally 1-2 hour before sexual intercourse.

NOT Expensive and Without side-effects!

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Santi bovine

Santi Bovine sex enhancer
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