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Silver sword - Silver sword pills Silver sword pills is also named Silver Sword, Germany Silver Sword, Silver Sword Pills....
Silver sword - Silver sword pills Silver sword pills is also named Silver Sword, Germany Silver Sword, Silver Sword Pills. Silver Sword Sex Enhancement Pill is a 100% herbal Chinese Formulated Tonic, for the aid of males who suffer from: Erection dysfunction Sexual weakness Premature ejaculation Fatigue of Penis etc. Specially suit for the quinquagenarian Patients with high blood and heart diseases can take. Have good effect on prostates This unique formulated product will help males stimulate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen, thus bringing multiple injections and multiple climaxes and is also a approved product for Yin and Yang deficiency in Asia.They used high-tech device and successfully invented the male genitals that can rapidly increase the erectile strength and length, which can reach the ideal strength, length, exciting and prolong the intercourse time. It can make male genitals increase 0.5 cm to 3 cm in 5 to 6 months by long-term regular use at the same time. And it is the only sponge somatic increasing agent in the world. It helps men to stimulate sexual desire, reduce fatigue, build up confidence, and further maximize the pleasure with no harmful side effects that may possibly caused by western medicines. Function of Silver sword pills Improves sexual energy and has a Powerful effect on the male libido. A 100% natural tonic, no side effect. Will Enhance male performance. Popular herbal male tonic and have safe, strong & long lasting effect on both quality and strength of erections. Helps men suffering from impotence and maintain controlled ejaculation. Silver Sword is an ancient Chinese pure natural herbal remedy; It combines the powers of traditional Chinese healing, unique herbs & natural ingredients. Characteristics Tonifiying kidney, increase sperm and enlarger. One can rapidly replenish sperms and energy, will not be tire and effect kidney functions after several ejaculation. And he will maintain rich energy in 5 days. Ingredients of Silver sword pills Tibetan donkey renal, whip deer, renal seals, tokay fine, saffron, Yak testicles, Cordyceps sinensis, Snow lotus, Snow whip deer, seahorses, C. deserticola sea, Longan meat, ginseng, medlar. [Specification of Silver Sword Pills]: 8 capsules * 220mg and 8 small pills of Yangjing zengda wan(the black pills,free present). [Usage and Dosage of Silver Sword Pills]: It is advised to take one tablet and 1 Yangjing zengda wan pill 40 minutes before going to bed. [Note]: Don't take more than one capsule and 1 pill every 24 hours.

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