Super Lover Chewing Gum

Special for All Men

Super Lover is a sex enhancement chewing gum for men. Is sugar free. Contains 20 capsules. Made In France.

Super Lover Chewing Gum

Super Lover Chewing Gum for Men Sex Enhancement

Parter Love, Sex Enhanced Chewing Gum -- Super Power -- Corn Mint Flavor -- Sugar Free

Super Lover Chewing Gum for men contains an unique formula which will be more effective to raise the level of the human body hormones, testicular cell activation, expansion corpus cavernosum, so naturally your penis, harmony thickening increased.

Super Lover Chewing Gum Features

  • Refresh the oral cavity and whiten the teeth
  • Activate kidney function and nourish the kidney
  • Enhancing sexual pleasure; no sex fatigue
  • Keep long-term effect

Super Lover Chewing Gum Ingredients

Epimedium Herb Extract, Maca Extract, Xilitol, Panaxoside, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6.

Super Lover Chewing Gum Side Effects

No side effects have beef found yet.

[Usage & Dosage of Super Lover Chewing Gum]: Chaw slowly in the mouth for 8 minutes, 2-4 pieces a day, take it 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

[Precautions]: Irreplaceable role in drug treatment, it is not allowed to those who under 18 years old and patients with serious disease.

[Storage of Super Lover Chewing Gum]: Please store in the cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

[Shlef Life]: 3 years

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Super Lover Chewing Gum

Special for All Men
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