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Pure natural famous and expensive animal and vegetables without pollutant with human bio...

Pure natural famous and expensive animal and vegetables without pollutant with human bionics are selected to extracted many kinds of active factors required by men with modern high techonology, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine combined. VIP increased pill is strong and obvious help on men between 20 to 80 years old with several kinds of sexual disorder and losing sexual ability because of old age.    

the international health care association recommends the product    

pure Chinese herbal medicine in this article prodcut    

to prostate gland the suffer has good curative effect    

high blood pressure, heart diesase all can take    

the wine take to do not affect the result  

Main ingredients: Wild Aedes ginseng, cordyceps ( being insect in winter and changing to grass in summer), Spanish mackerel ( large scale soft bone fish in deep sea) and cervus elaphus Linnaeus.  


1. eliminate impotence, no erection, short time erection or difficult insertion.  

2. if using the drug for long time, sexual function cab be prolonged for more than 10 years, with alopecia decreased, blood circulation prmoted, blood vessel softened and prostate disease prevented.

Features of VIP increased pill  :

A. Rapidly disolving, good absorption, no addint, no being disturbed by tea, wine or diet, power recoverd after sex, effectively protect on sex organ.  

B. penis solly softens after ejaculation. if penis is dose not withdraw from vagina, continuous coitus can be carried out. the product can speed up the second time erection and activate secretion decreased, blood circulation promoted, blood vessel softened and prostate disease prevented.

Usage and dosage:  

1. use for rapid effect: orally take one piece of capsule 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse with effect lasting for 72 horus.  

2. use for supplement: orally take one fourth piece before sleeping every 3 days till having a good state.  

3. use for therapy: take one before sleeping at night every four days dontinuouly for 15 timcs. if the effect is not ideal. administration time can be suitably prolonged.  


1. women and impuberism men can not take the drug, and it is prohibited on those with kidney imcompetence and it can not be taken along with pressure reduction drugs at the same time, it should not be taken by those with heart disease and hypertension.

2. sexual simulation is required after administration of the drug. if you do not have sexual partner and penis erects for a long time, attention can be dispersed, with much water durnk.  

Specification: 2000mg * 10pieces.

Stroage: protected from light in cool and dry place.

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VIP increased pill

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