Yonggang Tablets

Yonggang Tablets  selling crazy in Australia & U.S..

Yonggang Tablets

Yonggang Tablets  selling crazy in Australia & U.S..

Yonggang Tablets Male Enhancement Food Supplement

What kind of condition will make penis hard? As the research for decade, the expert found 3 main points that will make penis hard! The blood vessels are healthy and "elastic," his heart and brain are functioning well; neural connections are firing and nitric oxide is being released in great abundance throughout the body; Testosterone levels are normal and weight is controlled, Men will have the ability to train most effectively-have a healthy, trim body-and his erections are rock hard. Yonggang Tablets is a herbal sex medicine to make penis hard. And it also make erection stronger and powerful!


promoting blood vessels on penis

make penis harder and larger

Increase your testosterone production

Improves your sexual motivation


Epimedium 20%, Schisandra Fruit 15%, Morinda Officinalis 20%, Poria 10%, Chinese Yam 15%, Ginseng 5%, Wolfberry Fruit 5%, Polygonatum Sibiricum 10%

[Targeted Group]

1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.

2. Feel weak and do not have enough energy to have intercourse for several times!

3. Lack of sex desire and lack of orgasm during the intercourse!

[Specification] 750mg*2 tablets per box

[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place

[Shelf Life] 2 years

[Dosage and usage]:

1-2 Tablets each time to be taken before meal.


1. Do not take twice within 24 hours.

2. Can not take with another medicine.

3. If you feel dizzy, please take more water.


Yonggang Pills is a natural Chinese sex medicine. It contains all Chinese herbal plants. It is effective to make penis harder, and cure early ejaculation. It also has special effect on fatigue resistance. The one who is weak on intercourse can take Yonggang everyday for daily use!

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